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Resistance is futile, Paradise Netrek will prevail!

Paradise Netrek is an on-line multi-player graphical space combat simulation with strategy, tactics and action elements. It is very loosely based on the TV show Star Trek, and is an outgrowth of Netrek. Paradise Netrek is an attempt to enhance Netrek by adding flashier graphics, more complicated strategy and tactics, and more code. ;-)

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9 Jan 2013 Next generation needed.

Since age drove the most away, we need new kids on the block to carry the torch, enlist now. ;)

9 Aug 2008 Windows client matured out of beta.

Bill has released netrekXP2009, which works now with a single netrek.exe for both Paradise and Bronco! Check it out and report back your experiences!

1 Oct 2007 Official: RIT server is awaiting the public!

whitestar.cs.rit.edu is the most active server for the moment. If you want to see some full games, join every Friday night at 8pm US EST, that's UTC/GMT -5, which makes it 2am for poor Euros. Look out for other popular times, too, since the server is open all the time!!!
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