The Paradise League Server

How to set up a paradise league server

Compile the server. If you have a working server already, you're good to go. There are no special options to turn on to configure a league tournament server.

Instead of invoking listen with "listen -p 2592" start four of them:

% listen -H -p 3333
% listen -A -p 4444
% listen -H -O -p 1111
% listen -A -O -p 2222
The listen program automatically invokes ntserv with the proper arguments and ntserv then invokes the daemon with the correct arguments. A daemon running in league mode does NOT use the .sysdef file. Any necessary adjustments will be made by the League Council (you can modify sysdefaults.c or getship.c if you REALLY want to change something, but we discourage it).

People can then connect to the port of their choice and they will be forced onto the home or the away team. The listen programs with -O will force the player to be an observer at first.

How to play a league game

Once in the game players have a number of commands available to them. To access these commands send yourself a message starting with the word "league" (or any abbreviation down to "le").

Normally one player will be captain and declare himself so by issuing the command "league captain". The captain's next duty is to name his team with "league teamname string".

The away team has first choice of empires. To choose an empire the captain issues the command "league shortname". The available empires are FED, ROM, KLI, and ORI. The home team then chooses an empire.

Once empires are chosen both captains issue the command "league start", everyone explodes, and the game enters the warmup. After 1 minute of warmup everyone explodes again and the game begins ("commence scumming, you twinks!").

Other commands are available under the league prefix. Some of them are restricted to captains.

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