Charter of the Paradise League Council

Draft revision

The Paradise League Council (PLC) is pretty new and hasn't even completed its first season of games. If you have any suggestions, complaints or comments about this document send email to


The purpose of the PLC is to oversee league play and define standard paradise. It serves the players by


The members of the PLC are divided into two sections, voting and non-voting.

The voting membership is composed of ``gods'' from paradise servers (the core voters) and others appointed by the core voters. Only one voting member per organization is necessary to present the views of that organization.

A server god can be either a code hacker or just an administrator but must represent the dominant view of that organization.

The non-voting members include all Paradise League team captains and any interested observers.

Server gods are included on the PLC because they will be implementing the PLC's decisions. The core voters will appoint non-god voters whose opinions are respected in the paradise community and who will present important opinions that would otherwise be unrepresented.

League Captains are included so that they will hear of changes that affect their games. It is expected that they will make their opinions known. Since the purpose of the PLC is to serve the team captains, the voting members will listen to the opinions of the captains.

Other interested parties may join the PLC and contribute to the discussion. However they should understand that the Paradise League Council's main duty is to Paradise players.


Standard Source

It is the responsibility of the PLC to establish the source code for paradise, both client and server.

Server gods and players come up with ideas for new features, new rules, or changes to old rules. They will undoubtedly test these on various servers. If a change is popular, it will be proposed for league play.

All changes that can affect game play shall be placed before the PLC for consideration. The PLC should not approve a change that has undergone little playtesting. Changes that do not affect game play usually do not need to be cleared by the PLC.

It is expected that server gods will make the source code for poorly tested changes available to other server gods. This will appear as patches containing logic that is off by default. Interested server gods may playtest these modifications by activating the code. The PLC should assist in the dissemination of these modifications unless they are clearly detrimental to game play.

The PLC will maintain an archive site for Paradise standard source code. An appointee of the PLC will verify that all submitted patches to the source code comply with the decisions of the PLC.

League Games

It is the responsibility of the PLC to oversee league games.

Before each season the PLC shall announce which version of the source code shall be used in League games. Barring major bugs, this source shall remain unchanged throughout the season. All league games for that season shall be played with that source.

Before the start of each season the PLC shall establish

and announce these to the public.

An appointee of the PLC shall accept team rosters from captains and make them available to the public at least through anonymous ftp.

No player may be a member of more than one Paradise League team. If the publicly available team roster differs from the current team roster one week before a match, the captain must notify his opponent of the change in roster, or the new players will be considered substitutes and subject to veto by the opposing captain (See rulebook Section 2.2).

An appointee of the PLC shall assign opponents and make this information available to the public before the beginning of the season. When scheduling the matches, the appointee must consider the effect of school holidays and other factors which limit the number of games that can be played in a season. It is the responsibilty of the individual team captains to actually set a time and place for the games.

An appointee of the PLC will accept game results from team captains. This appointee shall post to the appropriate newsgroup (currently to publicize the results of the match and accumulate them in an archive. At the end of the season the appointee shall accumulate and publicize the final results and place them in the same archive.

Any matches not completed at the end of the season count as a double forfeit. This is considered bad form.

It is the responsibility of the PLC to arbitrate any disputes that may arise in the course of playing league games. In the event of a dispute, teams should finish the match and bring the matter up with the PLC afterwards.

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